Lucia Lernyei
About Me

Imperfections is what I work with, producing sculptures that create the notion of what it’s supposed to be without supposing it be that. In other words I dwell in the ideas of things not functioning and classified as being “sloppy”. The mindset of accepting that this world and the things you create on it , isn’t ever going to be perfect. But perfect has a different connotation to us all. Therefore, what I create might not be symmetrical or iconic or aesthetically pleasing to the eye but to me is perfect by the way of its textures and colours. Texture is one of the most important aspects for me, playing around with materials and finding what for me brings out the best feel to it. Working with household materials and appliances such as plaster, grout , nails , screws , wood and things that you would mainly find in hardware store. I’ve always been inspired by my younger years of going to the hardware store and exploring all the products to then learning how to fix everyday objects. Being in the studios where I had to supply my own materials, I went back to the only shops I had known, the Hardware stores. Buying and using materials as replacement to the “food” and practical objects I was making I was able to add my own influences into my sculptures.

My obsession of food , and making objects that only barely relate to actual food. comes from my parents being interested in food and restaurants. As we always cooked together as a family. Cooking together and sitting down every night around the table brought a sole  sense of community to me. To have a table , no matter where or what, with people I connect to, and with food that’s made with the heart is what I have and will always strive for. This was one of the main ideas I have depicted throughout my portfolio.

Using the skills I apply to my art but to then to not exactly fix them. Trying new materials such as resin to then learning how to finely cut wood precisely. Over the summer with my Instagram pages I was able to reach a wide audience and experiment with how I met these audiences. Reaching out to lots of different art medias and companies, even individual clients and artists , I found great opportunity. by trial and error – some by having no response and input to me to having other artists reaching out and being offered different opportunities. The biggest opportunity was being offered to show my work in the Tate Britain. Finding my identity and how I have been able to show that journey proved to be a match for the Tate. I have also practised curating my work as I have plans for my exhibitions for the future. Finding out how to group my work and to place them in the right order has helped me understand how a viewer would see my work. it has brought me new insight to my work with different point of views.

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