Mystify 2.0 exhibtion
Mystify 2.0 exhibtion poster

West Art Collective presents: Mystify 2.0 a Surrealism themed art and music event at Antwerp Mansion on

Friday 2nd December 2022.

I was exhibiting my  “Being put on the pedestal isnt such a bad place” installation.

“Lucia is an artist coming from two very different cultures while also being hard of hearing. To make sense of the confusion of constant culture shock, and complex communication she makes works not just exploring that, but using her practice as a gateway into understanding these situations.

Her art  mirrors her personal  situations and brings comfort in finding answers or closure not always to be understood. She uses past memories and parts of her heritage to explore where she has come from, where she is right now and where she is heading as all three places are deemed to be in completely different settings.  By making connections with others , she is able to share and see that the strange situations she is, is more familiar than we may think.

The work produced is as strange , confusing and weird as the situations she is placed in.  Her artwork mirrors her path as she is excitedly stepping into the art world and what conflicts and emotions may follow.”

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