Magyar Vagyok Én

(I’m Hungarian)

Magyar Vagyok Én (I'm Hungarian) - Lucia Lernyei
Has been selected to exhibit Tate Britain’s ‘Finding Home’ exhibition.
1-3. December 2021

“Part of my identity is being confused of where I belong. Raised and born in the UK yet belonging of Hungarian nationality, the confusion that has followed me around my whole life: where do I come from, what is my main nationality and identity. But most importantly what is my home. Hungary has seen more of my teenage years where I really tried to understand the idea of home. The place where my very relatives had constantly fought to call it home. My work represents the 1956 revolution and how my great grandparents had rebelled to keep their home, their pride of being Hungarian: something that I have struggled with having due to voices of the outside world. But being a part of the new generation of Hungarians I want to build the back that pride that was once there. I might question who I am but Hungary will always be my home, thought I might feel uncomfortable about the past there is a chance to blossom and grow in the very same place I call home.” – Lucia Lernyei #luccifromtheblock #toastbandit

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